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This photo of our display layout was taken during the 2011 National Narrow Gauge Convetion in Hickory NC.

Model Railroading is Fun

Thank you for your interest in the Prairie Locomotive Works, LLC product line.  Model Railroading is one of the oldest modern hobbies and narrow gauge railroads can provide some of the most interesting and colorful inspiration.  A model railroad need not be large or complex, in fact the first step is to decide to get started towards your goal.  We here at Prairie Locomotive Works, LLC, hope that we can help you enjoy your project.

Our current concentration is on model railroad stock for the On 30 scale, which is O scale (1/4 inch equals a foot) running on HO gauge track (16.5mm).  This scale captures the romance of narrow gauge with the economy of mass produced items. 

We also will engage in custom layout design, and as time permits, portable layout construction, in any scale.  Please enquire as to your needs.